Worldwide Direct Diamond Importer

As a member of RJO (Retail Jewelers Organization) Julee's Jewelry had the opportunity to become a Certified World-wide Direct Diamond Importer in 2008.  Which means Julee's Jewelry is your personal diamond broker and has the opportunity to buy diamonds direct from the diamond cutters in Antwerp, Belgium, the Diamond Trading Capital of the World. 

With this European connection, Julee's Jewelry can offer many advantages to their customers:

  1. World-wide access to the largest, finest selection
  2. The ability to fulfill any diamond request
  3. Guaranteed natural origin and clean sourcing
  4. Direct buying allows for better pricing
  5. A highly personal experience-hand-selected and imported form Antwerp specifically for you.
  6. Hand-selecting the diamonds from expansive inventories
  7. Dealing directly with the site-holders & suppliers who manage sourcing and cutting processes carefully
  8. Offering world-wide reach and extraordinary added value to our clients
  9. Hand-selecting for the best crystal structure and not just the four C's ensuring a significant difference to the look and to the beauty of the diamond
  10. The ability to focus on the top 20% with the best crystal structure is a critical advantage
  11. Our RJO European partnerships offer a year-round advantage for our clients.
  12. Upon your diamond's arrival we have several options to set your stone in our stores, through some of the best vendors in the industry or we can assist you with your own custom design piece.

At Julee's Jewelry we are proud to be able to offer the most brilliant diamonds from the world’s best diamond inventories at Direct Buy Savings for our clients.


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