Diamond Trade-Up Program

All of our diamonds come backed by our 100%  lifetime trade-in trade-up guarantee.  At Julee's Jewelry, if at any time, you decide you would like to move up to a larger or better Julee's Jewelry diamond, we’ll credit 100% of the price paid on the one you trade in, toward the purchase of any in-stock diamond or a diamond we find to meet your needs.  We, also, have a program that may allow you to trade in your current center diamond, which was not purchased at Julee's Jewelry, for a larger diamond!  Available in store only.


Bigger is Better

Have you dreamed about having a 3-carat, 4-carat, 5-carat or larger diamond set into your engagement and wedding ring to symbolize your eternal love?  Maybe you'd like different shape or quality?  Our Diamond Trade-Up Program allows you to do just that! 

At any time, simply bring in your diamond purchased from Julee's Jewelry and trade-in / trade-up toward any other diamond at Julee's Jewelry. You'll receive, dollar for dollar, exactly what you paid for your original diamond, excluding sales tax, to put toward your new diamond upgrade! There is no limit on how many times you can trade-in your diamond purchase(s). You can watch your diamond grow through the years, just as your love grows for each other!

This is a perfect way to increase the size of your diamond studs over the years as you build upto your desired total carat weight.  For example, if you purchase 1/4ctw diamond studs you can trade them in for 1/3 ctw.  When you are ready to trade in your 1/3 ctw studs, you may decide to go to 3/4 ctw.  Each time you get 100% credit for the purchase price of the diamond studs, less sales tax.

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